Pure Essentials


Pure Essentials Limited Ingredient Recipes work wonders.

“No Reactions, no rashes, 3 happy pitbulls.” – luvmykins.

“My two boys have series food allergies. I gave them a cup of their normal Natures Recipe Venison and Rice and a cup of the Pure Essentials and they LOVE it. Neither one has had a problem.” – samihutch23

“My Gus has allergies and a very sensitive system. Not only does he like it, but no unwanted effects from this new food!” – Jeannette

“My dog Lola absolutely LOVES it!! Been hard & expensive trying to find the right food for her allergies AND her gland issues!! (I was a Vet Tech for YEARS & still couldn’t find what she’d actually eat!) Boom!!! This recipe is spot on for her!!!” – VictoriaKU

“Marley my rescued blond Cocker Spaniel has severe food allergies that result in hot spots and ear infections. After eating your high quality food his issues were almost resolved, without steroids! And the Pugs and Poodle love the taste too.” – MarleyMan22

“After just 2 days I noticed a HUGE improvement in her. You could just tell by the way she acted that she felt great. After a week I completely switched her to just Pure Essentials. It would usually take me about 3 weeks to completely switch foods on her, but really – it took about a week. Incredible! She hasn’t been this good in YEARS. I’m so pleased. Nature’s Recipe: From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for making this food. It is a fantastic product.” – Megs

“My Chico is “In Love” with this food, a lot of times he would sniff at his food then walk away until he got hungry enough to eat. Now he stands by the cabinet and look’s at me until I feed him! I am so happy because he has allergies and is itchy all of the time, but with Pure Essentials he no longer itches!!! This is his food for life.” - cmora

“My dog has a very sensitive digestive system and is going through chemotherapy for Lymphoma, usually any change in his diet causes problems. He was able to eat this food with no problems at all. He loved it!” – JacksMom

“Finally, I found a dog food that was much like what I was having to cook for our dog. He could not digest the grain and other fillers found in most dog foods. He was on 2 medications for his sensitive digestive system, so finally I decided to cook ground chicken with green beans and carrots for him. Plus I had to add vitamins to his diet. THEN I found NATURES-RECIPE – PURE ESSENTIALS and he loved it and so did his digestive system!!!” – Redd

“I have 4 yorkies. Two of whom have skin issues and one with a very sensitive tummy. Oh and ALL 4 are super picky eaters of anything! They GOBBLED this stuff down! They loved it, I noticed no reactions later that any of them were itchy (a usual reaction when something did not jive with their body), and even ran around to each other’s bowls to see if anyone left any bit of it left at all that they could clean up. So….we have a winner!” – Elizabeth

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