Brittany Snow and Billie Hit the Road

Nothing gets a dog's tail wagging like the promise of an adventure! We conducted a study and found that 75 percent of dog owners have fur family that get very excited about a car rides.1 That's why our premium dog food decided to help dog parents celebrate summer road trip season with the help of actress Brittany Snow and her dog, Billie. Over summer 2018, the dynamic duo embarked on a road trip hoping to encourage other dog families to do the same.

"Billie is always up for a good adventure and I love to bring her with me when I travel," says Snow. "Whether I'm out filming or running errands, these trips help make our bond stronger and create some of my absolute favorite memories together. I'm partnering with Nature's Recipe to show dog parents how they can bring their dogs along for the adventure and fuel their dogs' wags on the way."

To make things easier, we’ve created the World of Wag which includes travel inspiration, articles and tips to help dog parents and their dogs live a big life together through road trip season and beyond. Snow shares her tips for traveling with Billie:

  • Choose your adventures: Before you hit the road, look up places and activities you can bring your dog to make the most of your time together. Stay up to date on the World of Wag to find dog-friendly adventures across the U.S., including in your own neighborhood.
  • Stretch your legs: Use rest stops as an opportunity to take your pup for a short walk or play a quick game of fetch before getting back on the road. Just like us, dogs need breaks during long car rides.
  • Dog-ify your car: Make your car comfortable for your furry best friend. Create a designated space for your dog to relax during the ride, using blankets or their favorite pillow, or even a safety harness for the ride.
  • Fuel up: Road trip snacks are the best! Make sure you make a pit stop to grab food for both you and your pup to enjoy during the trip. Nature's Recipe premium dog food is available at retailers nationwide, making it easy to fuel up on the road.
  • Document the memories: It's important to live in the moment and bond while adventuring with your furry family member, but don't forget to bring along a camera to capture the memories. Share your road trip moments using #FuelTheWag to showcase your dog-friendly adventures all year long.

You don't need to set out on a family road trip to get pup tails wagging. Local adventures like parks, walks, playtime and visits to pet-friendly establishments make dogs and pet parents happy! It’s important to find what fuels your dog’s wag!


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