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5 Photography Tips

Read how to best photograph your dog’s personality. These five photography tips will help you capture those precious moments.


A dog catching a ball in a lake

By:Keith Ladzinski


Sponsored by Nature’s Recipe

1. Get on your dog’s level

Place your camera low to the ground and at your dog’s eye level to capture their viewpoint. It gives a more intimate look and feel than photographing them from a higher angle.

2. Anticipate the photo:

Dogs are constantly doing funny and cute things, but these habits can become predictable. Whether it’s a funny position they sleep in, or if they MUST swim when water is nearby, these are moments you can predict and prepare for. If there’s snow, Vesper will be burying her face in it, so I always have my camera ready.

3. Look for a moment of energy:

When your dog is full of energy, it’s always a photo opportunity. Like a dog playing fetch or running towards you at the park, these are great moments to capture natural gestures and action shots. Vesper’s tail starts wagging once we put down her Nature’s Recipe® dog food, so we’ve come to use that to our advantage when capturing shots.

4. Get in close:

Photographing your dog from a distance is an entirely different feel than putting your camera right in there with your dog. This way you can mix it up and change your perspective.

5. Find interesting light:

As people, we’re drawn to light, so have your camera ready when that perfect sunbeam or sunset shows up!


Keith’s love of photography started after buying a beat-up camera from a pawnshop. Ranging from capturing shots of photographing skateboarding in the city of New York to the quiet mountains of Colorado, he learned the importance of natural light and thoughtful composition. Today, Keith primarily focuses on natural history and extreme sports, sending him to the furthest reaches of all seven continents on assignments for companies like National Geographic, The New York Times, Nikon and more. Currently living in Boulder with his wife, Dana, Keith has recently become the pet parent of a golden retriever puppy named Vesper. Vesper is now a new muse for Keith and he searches for ways to include her on adventure and capture their memories together.