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Grain Free Recipes

Grain Free Dog Food Recipes

Our premium grain free recipes help provide the essential vitamins and minerals for your dog’s complete nourishment at various life stages.

Benefits of Grain Free

If you notice your dog is sensitive to a diet that contains grains, they may do better on a grain free recipe.

An icon depicting no corn or wheat

No added corn or wheat ingredients.

An icon depicting no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors.

No artificial flavors or preservatives.

An icon depicting no poultry by-product

No poultry by-product meal.

An icon depicting #1

Real chicken or salmon as #1 ingredient in dry formulas.

An icon depicting natural food with added nutrients

Natural food with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients that can be fed at various life stages.

How to Go Grain Free

This 4-step plan is designed to ease your dog into a Grain Free diet. Spend up to 14 days on each step and give your dog the same amount of food as usual.

a dog food bowl depicting 25%

Start with 25% Nature’s Recipe Grain Free and 75% of your dog’s current food

a dog food bowl depicting 50%

Increase the Grain Free portion to 50%

a dog food bowl depicting 75%

Move on to 75% Grain Free food

a dog food bowl depicting 100%

Your dog is now ready for 100% Nature’s Recipe Grain Free

A dog catching a ball in a lake

Fill Their Bowl with 
High-Quality Ingredients

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