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How to Get the Most Fun Out of Any Season With Your Dog

Here are a few things to put on your fun list that even the most adventure-loving pup might not have tried. 
A dog shaking off water

Dog Activity Ideas for Each Season

Nothing is more fun than spending some carefree, let’s-go-for-it time with your dog, every time of year. Whether you’re just hanging by the fire while it snows outside or enjoying a sunny day out and about, your pooch will always figure out a way to make it fun because — let’s face it — dogs live for fun! Here are a few things to put on your fun list that even the most adventure-loving pup might not have tried. 


Dogs love the water, and swimming is a great way for them to enjoy it alongside you. Just don’t forget a life jacket so he’ll be as safe as he is thrilled. 

Cool Off 
Running Through Sprinklers. It’s like a doggie water park in your backyard when your pooch discovers how much fun it is to run through the sprinklers. Your plants get some much-needed moisture, and your pup gets a fun cool-down session. Plus, you know you’ll take a few laps through yourself before it’s over. 

Having a Big, Sloppy Drink
Sometimes the little things in life make you the happiest, and the same is true for your pup. You need to stay hydrated during the sunny summer days, and so does your pooch. So make an event out of it: Chill a nice, big jug of water in the fridge, and fix yourself a nice, big lemonade or iced tea. When Fido’s drink is icy cold, pour it into a big bowl on the patio, sit down with your drink, and blissfully sip (or slurp) together. 


Go For a Fall Color Ride 
Pups love a ride in the car, where they get a chance to watch the cars whiz by out the window. When the leaves are at their most beautiful in autumn, it’s even more fun for Fido to watch the orange, red, and yellow scenery zip by. Just be sure everyone is secured with a seat belt for safety. 

Having Herding Fun With Treibball 
Have a pooch who likes to herd? You probably don’t have any sheep around, so try playing treibball with him. All you need is a giant exercise or yoga ball and your four-legged friend will then have a ball herding it around. Getting all that outdoor running in during fall is a great way to stay cool — and to load up on exercise before winter. 

Doing (or making) an agility course 
Many dogs love a good challenge. One of the ways they challenge their brain and body is by running through an agility course. Find one full of jumps and hoops and tunnels in your city, or make your own in the backyard. Fall is the perfect time to add leaf jumping into the course. Just be sure to check your dog carefully for ticks after rolling in the leaves. 


Practicing Doga 
Not every dog (or person) gets into outdoor play in the chilly winter. There are fun ways to stay active indoors, too. How about doga? That’s right— yoga isn’t just for people anymore. You just might find your dog enjoying some zen yoga with you during your routine. He might even teach you a few poses. 


Stopping to Smell the Roses (And Other Stuff) 
Dogs see the world through their eyes and their noses. That’s why they love spring: After a long, frozen, odorless winter, it smells so good. Plan some extra time into your walks and make a few stops along the way to let your pup sniff around. But don’t let him eat any blooms, just in case they might be harmful. 

Having a Play Date 
Of course your dog loves hanging out with you, but he also likes hanging out with his canine friends too. That’s why doggie play dates are so much fun. And what better time to arrange them than in the spring when everyone is breaking out of their winter hibernation? 

Playing Flyball 
After a long, sleepy winter, Flyball is a great way to kickstart the outdoor play season. Flyball is a race, fetch, and agility all in one. You can organize your own game with friends, or search for Flyball leagues near you.