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40+ Years of Premium Pet Food

At Nature’s Recipe, we believe every dog has the right to eat nutritious food. That’s why we’ve been creating healthy, purposeful recipes for over 40 years—all to fuel more wag worthy adventures at a down-to-earth price.

Purposeful Ingredients

Everything in our recipes is there for a reason, and we use real beef, chicken, lamb or salmon.

Natural Recipes

We have a 40+ year history of crafting natural dog food, with added vitamins, minerals & nutrients.

For Every Dog

We offer recipes prepared for dogs of all sizes and life stages so that every dog can live their best life.

Ingredients picked with a purpose.

Whether it's dietary fiber in sweet potatoes to help support healthy digestion, or omega-3 fatty acids in salmon to help support brain and muscle development, we choose every ingredient for a reason—to help give your pet the nutrition they need.

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Crafting healthy recipes for over 40 years.

We have 40+ years of expertise in crafting tasty, natural dog food with added vitamins, minerals & nutrients.

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No added corn or wheat

No artificial flavors or preservatives

Nutrition for every dog.

We’ve crafted recipes for dogs of all sizes and life stages. They provide dogs the taste they love and the nutrients they need.

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