Pet Food 101

Your pet is the best sidekick he can be, so you want to be the best pet parent to him that you can be. This means knowing what to feed him to help keep your pet healthy — after all, we are what we eat. With these simple tips, you can be a super-parent to your furry friend.

How to Read the Ingredient Label

There are so many ingredients listed on your pet's food that it can be hard to tell what it's actually made of. Fortunately, the ingredients are listed by weight, so whatever is listed first is what the food is mainly comprised of. Also, ensure the label says the food is "complete and balanced" because this means that it will meet all of your furry buddy's nutritional needs as determined by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

What Ingredients to Look For

Good pet parents look for high-quality ingredients in their best friend's food. Choose foods that list meat, poultry or fish meals among their primary ingredients, along with healthy veggies like peas or sweet potatoes.

How Much Food to Feed

Check the label of your furry buddy's food, which should list how much to feed your canine or feline companion based on his weight. This amount will provide him with the optimum amount of calories for his size and average activity level. But you can always consult with your vet on the appropriate portion size for your best friend if he's super active or a real couch potato.


Different Formulas

If your pooch or kitty is suffering from dry skin or weight issues, Nature's Recipe® offers special diets formulated to help support their needs. You'll also find protein-rich grain-free formulas, along with breed-specific foods. And don't forget to purchase a formula appropriate for his life stage — whether he's a puppy or kitten or an adult.

Feeding your furry friend wet or dry food is up to you and your veterinarian, but a good idea is to feed him a little of each — so Fluffy or Fido gets the best of both worlds. He can munch on the dry food when you aren't around and indulge in the moist, meaty wet food when dinnertime rolls around. Just be mindful that both foods are complete and balanced, and that he doesn't over-consume calories.

When to Feed

Pets love to eat first thing in the morning and around your dinnertime, so it's best to split your furry one's daily portion into two. But don't forget to account for any additional snacks in his total daily calories, and reduce his portion of food accordingly.

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