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Give Quality Time With Your Pet a Boost

Connect with your pet in ways she’s able to understand, and your bond will keep you feeling closer to each other, even when you’re away.


A dog and its owner smiling while cuddled on the couch

How to Spend Quality Time with Your Dog

In an ideal world, you’d spend all day with your beloved pet, every day of the week. Unfortunately, life isn’t always ideal. Work, family and other commitments constantly demand your time, which can make people with pets feel guilty about their busy schedules. Put that guilt away. You can make up for your hectic schedule by making the time you do have with your furry best friend quality time. Connect with your pet in ways she’s able to understand, and your deepening bond will keep you feeling closer to each other, even when you’re away.

Be Fully Present

If your time with your pet is limited, don’t spend those moments being distracted. When you set aside playtime, be completely present. Don’t talk on the phone or watch TV while you’re playing fetch with your dog. Don’t text and train your cat at the same time. When you’re 100 percent focused on your pet, she can see how important she is to you.

Establish Routines

Animals love routines. They get excited when they know something fun is about to happen. For example, your cat may enjoy a regular dose of fresh air. First thing in the morning, you could crack a screen-in window so he can get a good whiff of those amazing outside scents. A routine like this creates a special interaction between the two of you. Of course, a regular treat time is another fun routine we endorse. Try sharing Wheelies® cat treats or Savory Roasters® dog treats with your friend at the same time each day.

Use Your Pet’s Body Language

Pets often “talk” to us with body language. They show affection through action, whether it’s a little head-butt from your cat or an eager tail wag from your dog. You can show your love the same way. This is especially meaningful because you’re communicating affection in their language. Every time you pass them, take a second to lightly scratch your cat’s chin or give hearty belly rubs to your dog. A little touch tells your pets you like having them around.

Remember Time is Precious

It may feel like your pet was just a puppy or kitten yesterday. Before long, they’ll be seniors — time really does fly! This makes every moment with your pet precious, which means there’s simply no time to hold a grudge. Your pet forgives quickly, and so should you. Always reconcile with your pet soon after correcting him/her. Don’t be standoffish. Even if your pet’s been naughty, he’ll/she’ll be eager to make it up to you with cuddles — which will make both of you feel better.

Acknowledge Your Pet’s Effort

Your pet is grateful that you feed and care for him/her. One way he/she shows thanks is by waiting for you, whether it’s at the bathroom door while you’re showering, or by the front door when you get home. Every time you notice your pet waiting patiently for you, recognize the effort with a pat on the head or a scratch behind the ears. It may seem like a small thing, but noticing your pet’s effort will mean the world to him/her.