Boxer dog sitting in the grass with falling leaves around him. The dog is smiling and looking up at the light.

Dog Food with Grain

The right grain inclusive dog food can go a long way toward helping your dog live a big, happy life. Why? Even though dogs’ ancestors may have been carnivores, domesticated dogs have evolved to have different nutritional needs.

Some dogs can gain valuable benefits from a whole grain dog food. The key is to choose a healthy dog food with grain in it — and of course to find a recipe your dog loves. Start here for grain inclusive recipes crafted by the experts.

Whole Grain Dog Food

Check out the Nature’s Recipe® whole grain dog food options below to find a carefully crafted recipe your dog will love. All our delicious recipes are natural with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients.


Dry Dog Food With Grain

Nature’s Recipe® offers a wide variety of dry dog food with grain, so you can find your dog’s favorite tastes and help meet special nutritional needs.

Wet Dog Food With Grain

Explore the recipes below to find a wet dog food with grain that will make your dog happy and help support his or her health. 

Easy Digestion Dog Food with Grain

The following Nature’s Recipe® dog foods contain a limited list of ingredients, which helps make them easy to digest for some dogs.

Puppy Food with Grain

Choose from the grain inclusive recipes below for the right balance of nutrients to help support growing puppies.