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5 Tips For Traveling with Your Dog

Nature’s Recipe® enlisted pet parent, travel expert and author of, Stefanie Michaels for tips for summer travel.


Stefanie Michaels and her dog traveling

Tips for Traveling with a Dog

A 2017 survey from Nature’s Recipe®1 found that two-thirds of pet parents nationwide wish they could take their dog on every trip. But when it comes time to hit the road, nearly half avoid traveling with their dog due to inconvenience. Nature’s Recipe® enlisted pet parent of four and travel expert and author of, Stefanie Michaels, who suggests the following to keep tails wagging during summer travel:

1. Choosing Your Adventure

Pick a destination that suits your dog’s personality. Is your pooch used to long hikes? Or being pampered at a dog spa? Either way, it’s about making sure you give your dog some fun time just for him/her to burn off some energy and to make the experience of traveling fun. Larger dogs who love water would love a lake or beach destination where they can frolic in the waves. Smaller dogs may enjoy walks around a marina or exploring a city or two, such as New York or Chicago.

2. Finding Pet-Friendly Lodging

There are a lot of dog-friendly hotels around the country but many have a specific amount of rooms allocated for pets, so make sure to book ahead of time.

3. What to Pack For Your Pup

Like with kids, you’re going to want to pack their favorite everything. Toys, food, and for some pet owners, clothes and accessories. If you’re going to a cold climate, make sure you pack a coat and protective paw booties for your pup. If you’re going to be by water, don’t forget a doggy lifejacket and extra towel. Also, make sure to bring an extra leash because those are very easy to misplace.

4. Pet Food On The Go

Instead of packing pet food ahead of time, you can lighten your load by purchasing your dog’s food once you arrive at your final destination. You don’t have to worry about going to a pet specialty store now that Nature’s Recipe® is available in major retailers nationwide because it’s easier than ever to stock up on food on the go.

5. How to Keep Fido Entertained

Sometimes people are so excited to get their vacation started that they leave their dog behind when they go out to explore the new city. Make sure to find pet-friendly events, parks, and even outdoor restaurants where your dog can investigate and enjoy their vacation, too.

More Travel Tips

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1 Based on an online survey conducted by SSI on behalf of Nature’s Recipe of 1,000 dog owners. The survey was fielded from May 4-8, 2017 with a margin of error of +/-3.1%.