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Fuel Exciting Adventures with Your Dog

Welcome to the Nature’s Recipe Blog

Make every adventure with your dog memorable and safe! Get trusted advice from our pet experts about traveling with your dog, understanding their body language, wellness and more.

A smiling dog on a leash


10 Signs Your Dog is Happy

Have you ever wondered how to know if your dog is happy? It doesn’t take much! Any of these signs of a happy dog sound familiar?


A dog shakes paws with its owner

How to Conquer Any Adventure with Your Dog

Read our top tips for introducing your dog to new outdoor locations. Learn about working with puppies, water adventures, preparation lists, and more.
Jordan and his two dogs, Zeus and Sedona, at camp

New Location? No Problem! Help Your Dog Adjust to New Settings

Read our top tips for introducing your dog to new settings. Learn about how to keep your pup calm, how to deal with his anxiety, and more.

Hitting the Road with Big Dogs

Ensure these items are on your checklist for traveling with your pup. For dogs, traveling can sometimes be a stressful experience. Check off these items to ensure your dog has a smooth trip.
Stefanie Michaels and her dog traveling

5 Tips For Traveling with Your Dog

Nature’s Recipe® enlisted pet parent, travel expert and author of, Stefanie Michaels for tips for summer travel.
A dog and its owner in front of an airplane

Flying With Fido: 8 Tips for Jet-Setting With Your Dog

Follow these 8 simple rules to make flying a breeze for you and your jet-setting dog on your next airplane trip.
A dog and its owner on a beach

Get Up and Go to One of America’s 10 Best Dog-Friendly Destinations

It won’t be long before shorter days are upon us. Spend some quality time together at one of these dog-friendly destinations.
A dog and its owner sitting by a campfire

How to Prepare for Camping With Dogs

Read these tips for camping with dogs to help you plan and know what to expect.
A dog and its owner on a hike

Happy Tails: How to Make Every Vacation a Dog Vacation

For dogs, traveling can sometimes be a stressful experience. Here are tips for making traveling as fun for your pup as it is for you.
A dog with a bandana and is owner on a hike

Happy Trails: 8 Tips for Hiking With Your Dog

Hiking is fun! And when you do it with your dog, every trail is a happy one. Here are tips for getting those wagging tails on the trails.
A husky puppy smiling at its owner

Top 5 Dog-Friendly Spring Break Locations

Since no vacation is complete without your furry best friend, here are five Fido-friendly spots to go for spring break.
A dog catching a ball in a lake

Fill Their Bowl with 
High-Quality Ingredients

Fuel every adventure with purposeful ingredients you and your furry companion will love. Discover our premium dog foods.