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How to Conquer Any Adventure with Your Dog

Read our top tips for introducing your dog to new outdoor locations. Learn about working with puppies, water adventures, preparation lists, and more.


A dog shakes paws with its owner

By: Andrew Muse


Sponsored by Nature’s Recipe

1. Start early

Introduce your dog to new places and activities when they’re young. Kicker and I did a six-month trip around Alaska when he was just a puppy and all those experiences have helped get him used to whatever new adventures come our way.

2. Stay in your skillset and comfort zone

You wouldn’t want to take your dog white water rafting the first time if you’ve never been rafting and aren’t a strong swimmer. Kicker is only allowed where I am certain we can safely navigate the activity together.

3. Be overprepared

I make sure to pack water and Nature’s Recipe® Dog Food for Kicker wherever we go and, if our adventure involves rope or flying, it must be a climbing-grade harness. It’s important to do your research ahead of time and make sure you know what’s needed well in advance.

4. Teach them the essential commands

Come, sit and stay are the most important commands your dog should know. Kicker will stay for over 15 minutes, which helps when trying to photograph a dog.

5. Take a LOT of photos

Kicker and I have been working together for so long he now poses anytime the camera comes out! Now I always have plenty of great photos to remember each of our adventures.


My name is Andrew Muse. I am a professional multi-sport athlete and content creator. I have designed my life around what I love and what makes me happy. Travel, adventure, pushing my limits, and dogs… I really love dogs. My pup Kicker Dog is a 2.5-year-old golden retriever who I take everywhere with me, and I mean EVERYWHERE! As a wee pup, he lived with me in a 4×4 adventure van and we made our way to Alaska for six months. Kicker has snowboarded big mountain lines in Valdez, gone kiteboarding in Hood River, been white water kayaking in Jackson Hole and so much more. We live a life of adventure and love traveling full time together creating memories that will never be forgotten.