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New Location? No Problem! Help Your Dog Adjust to New Settings

Read our top tips for introducing your dog to new settings. Learn about how to keep your pup calm, how to deal with his anxiety, and more.


Jordan and his two dogs, Zeus and Sedona, at camp

By:Jordan Kahana


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1. Bring reminders of home

Bring a few of their favorite things on the road to remind your dogs of home. The familiar smells will make them feel more comfortable in a new place.

2. Keep calm

Dogs can read your energy, so make sure to talk to them calmly when you’re in a new place. If you get too excited or anxious, they’ll start feeling the same way.

3. Experience new things

One of the best ways to help your dogs adjust to new surroundings is to expose them to as much as possible. I take Zeus and Sedona everywhere, so they can more easily adapt to future experiences.

4. Be patient

Your dogs will have their ups and downs when traveling around just like you will, so remember to be patient with them and focus on having fun!

5. Give them some fuel

When Zeus and Sedona have a harder time adjusting, I try to distract them by feeding them a small handful of Nature’s Recipe® dog food. This little bit of fuel is a real pick-me-up.


In December 2016, Jordan Kahana went on a life-changing road trip with his friends. On his way to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Jordan saw two, eight-week old puppies on the highway and immediately pulled over to help them. The Adventure Squad was officially born. From that day on, Jordan and his two dogs, Zeus and Sedona, have continued their adventures, driving more than 40,000 miles, visiting 35 states, 18 National Parks and two countries.