Happy Tails: How to Make Every Vacation a Dog Vacation

Let’s face it, dogs don’t vacation like we do. For dogs, travelling can sometimes be a stressful experience instead of a fun one, so it’s up to you as a pet parent to make it positive. Here are some tips for making travelling as fun for your pup as it is for you. Please note that not every dog is comfortable travelling so only try these if your pooch is outgoing and ready for adventures in new places.

Walk it out

Walking around a new town can be a great way to really soak up local culture for humans and dogs alike. Take an extended rest stop during road trips and walk with your pup around the towns or even in the rural areas you see. You’ll learn about a place you’ve never been, and your dog will get her fill of new smells.

Meet new friends

Before your trip, check online to see if there are any communities of dog lovers in the area you’re visiting. If the groups you see seem friendly and fun, set up a play date with them when you get to your destination. The pet parents will give you a local perspective on the area and your dog will love frolicking with his new friends.

Be where the dog people are

Do some research before you embark on your journey and find pet-friendly spots like restaurants, bars etc., at your destination. Hit up these places with pup in tow to see how local dog lovers live.

Run, dog, run

After spending hours in a car or plane, your pup will need a chance to stretch the old legs. Find a wide-open spot like an enclosed park where you can let him off the leash and let him run to his heart’s content. Chances are you need a stretch too, so running together will help you both blow off steam.

See the sights

Some national landmarks are pet-friendly, so research that before you start your journey. No matter where you take them your dog would much prefer a day walking with you to a day cooped up alone.

Get a souvenir

Dogs don’t need to collect spoons or key chains from every place they visit, but they may appreciate a vacation token nonetheless. Visit a local pet store in every new place you visit and buy your pup a toy. This way they’ll associate going to new places with a treat just for them.

Go on a picnic

If you can’t find a pet-friendly restaurant nearby (blasphemy!), get some local food to go. Then you and your pup can check out a local park and have a picnic while enjoying regional cuisine.

If your dog is your favorite vacation buddy, these tips will help you make happy memories that will last a lifetime. Grab your dog and a map, and good luck on your next adventure!

Do you love to travel with your dog? Show us your memories in the comments!


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